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The Agenda Agency offers management consultancy services specialising in three areas — corporate strategy, SME growth and gender strategy.

Our approach is fundamentally collaborative. Our leading practice methodology involves an initial diagnostic phase followed by a strategy development phase. We can also assist with the implementation of the strategy.

Across corporate, SME and gender strategy services, the process is as important as the outcome or the final strategy document itself, so is essential that clients are engaged in the strategy development process. Our point of difference is that we develop deep insights and work collaboratively with you to transform your organisation.

‘It is important to me that the individuals and organisations that I work with are open and willing to try new things, commit to gender equality, and play an integral role in developing and owning strategies and outcomes.’
Dr Heidi Sundin, Founder of The Agenda Agency.

Our service is not about constructing and presenting a generic document and walking away, but rather working together with you to bring your corporate or gender strategy to life.

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